Thursday, May 23, 2013

episode 3, 4


episode 3:
a 3rd year medical student.
became a junior again.
new environment, need adaptation.
ppukm, cheras.
not in the center of city of KL anymore
times square, mid valley, sogo, etc dah jauuhhh.
no more kapal. no more kamal. huh

it was my 1st year of clinical years.
before this, i tend to memories all the normal findings of physical examination. (pre-clinical, all patients are sp)
but now, i have to appreciate the finding, correlate with history, came up with several differential diagnosis,
before give some important investigation, give provisional diagnosis and finally managements.
but, 3rd year we were trained to master in history taking, physical examination and differential diagnosis with some important diagnostic investigation and principle of management. it was slightly different when we were in final year (this will be updated in episode 5. ;).

so, that was my main concern. i felt nervous, afraid if i am not able to appreciate the findings. not able to take history well.
study group is the solution. they help me a lot.
this was not the geng 6 anymore coz we all are in different posting.
half of the times, we have to be in ward.
do rounds, clerk patients, complete the log book, go to OT, clinics, teachings, lectures, etc
doctor-to-be writing
my 3rd year posting started with surgery-ong-jkm-internal medicine.
surgery. 1st posting. blur. no guided. relax. so, i have time to have a blog!
ong. 2nd posting. nervousssssssss. every morning wake up early, cover bed! present to doctors! conduct delivery. got very malignat specialist as supervisor. but despite all thats, i love ong and i still have time to update blog. =D
jkm. 3rd posting. the most relax posting. so, i opened up my facebook account. (you should be proud my dear blog. you are more senior than the fb. hoho)
internal medicine. last posting before going to be 4th year medical student. at that time, i was still busy involve in prk. again. but different position. more challenging. more experience to be gained.
jkm. team fogging!
jkm's bbq
to make it short, lets combine together with episode 4. heh
4th year. less play, more matured. huhi.
started with orthopedic-paeds-triad (ent+ophtal+anaest)-psychiatry.
ortho-same as surgery. relax. 
paeds-same as ong, but it is more scary! but, thanks to Allah, the child makes me smile despite all the dedicated but yet malignant profs. and, and, still, i love peads! (sampai dapat long case waktu ikhtisas). 
triad-very short posting. but very lots of content to be cover.
psychiatry-most relax. and interesting. (senyum sorang2 ingat balik kejadian2 tu)

pendakwah berkot putih

the cold OT
the journey of tarbiyyah.
a picture speaks a thousand words. kan
usrah masjid besi

prk. again. sampai final year
audi. program persiap, jaksa, mpp, etc.
rollerblade+badminton+study group

kontroversi kereta rosak. konvoi
usrah ktsn
usrah ktdi
makan ktsn
usrah masjid asyakirin
life in Dunya is a short beautiful yet challenging journey before we arrive to our live-happily-ever-after destination (jannah), in which all of us will stay forever and ever. some of us, Allah gives them many junctions and roadblocks, some others found shortcuts, and many others got lost and just couldn’t find their way back. but, because He loves us, there are road signs to lead the direction, there are traffic lights so that we won’t bump into a disaster, and even a map to guide us through. yea, sometimes you run, sometimes you drive, sometimes you walk, sometimes you tip-toe, and there are times that you have to crawl to keep moving. anything but not stopping. yes, the number one rule is “do not stop.” (quoted)

thank you Allah, for a journey that purify the heart and soul through knowledge and tarbiyyah.
thank you Allah for the sweetest ukhwahfillah
for loving You, knowing You, remembering You, seeking peace in You, singling You out for complete love, fear, hope and dependence. thank you.

p.s: oh my english.
p.s: to people whom i may have known even for a while, you’ve taught me something even in subtlest way and for that i thank you


madziani said...

Salam my dear Azhana.

To tell you the truth. I miss ukm sooooo much. Things have changed. A lot I must say.

The one thing make us still be in our path is what we have learnt and gone through. Life post grad and med school are totally different.

I love what we had yesterday, I love tomorrow more. Cause life is always so mysterious that we can't predict what we gonna have later.

Miss you. And the memories.

Good luck ya! All the best in the future. InshaAllah

azk2121 said...

miss madz! hehe
akak, miss u 2,3,4.
love the quotes. <3